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The Premise

Khokela, experts in the executive remuneration sphere, approached us to build a custom web application to manage their extensive database of historical executive pay data.

How did we help?

Our first step was to build a high-impact corporate website to highlight there services and expertise.

We then, through extensive collaboration with staff and management mapped out and developed a user-friendly but highly robust database application framework allowing users to capture bulk data for multiple years and report thereon. We also implemented a user registration and payment gateway system to help the company market and monetise this application.

What did they say?

We acquired the services of Plastic Duck Armada (PDA) in 2013 to assist us with the re-design of our website as ours was not appealing or user friendly.

Matt and Steve really listened to our ideas, gave great input and had fantastic suggestions on how to get the most out of our website. We are now super proud of it and would urge you to take a look It is eye catching, flows well and very user friendly.

Following this Matt assisted us in the design of a bespoke online Director’s Remuneration System which to put it mildly, is a mammoth task! This entailed designing a system from scratch, in which we could capture all Directors Remuneration of all JSE listed companies spanning over a 5 year period. As this is the first system of its kind, it required many iterations and testing.

Throughout this process it became evident that PDA’s skills around programming and designing tailor made systems were second to none. On a personable level, the team at PDA were extremely patient, helpful and really took the time to understand exactly what it is that we required.

We also make use of PDA on a regular basis to design and send out our monthly newsletters. This is a team of highly skilled and professional people that take tremendous pride in their work and their service to their clients. We would highly recommend PDA to any company!

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