Digital Platform Management

By Plastic Duck Armada

So What is Digital Platform Management (DPM)?

What Is It?

Our Digital Platform Management service combines a fully managed digital marketing service with website management, online advertising, social media management and everything in between - for one low monthly retainer.

Why go through the hassle of having to source and maintain properly-skilled people in your organisation to manage your various digital channels and assets, when Plastic Duck Armada can do it for you at a fraction of the price?

We take away the hassle of having to find different resources who can code, design, develop, implement, manage, copywrite - and all the other skills needed to properly market your business or project on the internet – by being your specialist, one-stop, out-of-house digital marketing team.

Do You Need It?

Take a look at your online assets and digital marketing strategy. Are they working for you? Kinda? Maybe? Sort of?

You would never allow the strategic approach to your business to be put together and run by amateurs. So why do so many businesses allow their digital strategy to be at best half-hearted, and at worst, a reputational risk?

You don’t need to understand things like SEO, or marketing funnels, or call-to-actions, or engagement metrics. You don't need to be an expert in finding the right voice to engage with prospective clients on social media. And you don't need to hire staff or upskill people in your organisation to fulfill roles that should be handled by professionals.

You just need to find people who are honestly invested in your business to do it all for you.

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Why use Plastic Duck Armada?

Besides our technical skills and experience, our diverse client base has given us a unique and sometimes strange view into very different markets and industries, and we've learned a lot of lessons that come from speaking to many different audiences.

From B2B to B2C, from online commerce to mom-and-pop startups, from industrial services to film and television production – we’ve had our hands in a lot of pies, and we’ve both learned and continue to learn a great deal from our wide variety of clients.

Additionally, we work with some of the best independent technical and creative specialists in South Africa. We’re a small team, and we know our capacity limitations - which is why we also know the right time to get some of our partners involved; partners who can help with extensive digital strategy and implementation, application design, product and brochure design, photography and more.

Finally, we’re specialists because we genuinely love what we do. We love online worlds and digital spaces, and have since the birth of the internet. We’re nerds – but we’re your nerds.

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